Machine Learning and Bioinformatics: Biomedical Data Science

UEF //  Summer School will arrange a course about Machine Learning and Bioinformatics: Biomedical Data Science (5 ECTS) at Kuopio , Finland


The course will cover current topics related to bioinformatics challenges and machine learning applications in biomedicine. The specific topics are:
1) How to access and use genome-wide measurement data across disease. The course will briefly introduce basics of molecular biology and biomedicine and give a broad overview of the data produced by the latest measurement technologies.
2) How to model and identify candidate genes and pathways involved in disease pathogenesis.
3) Mathematical basis of dimensionality reduction, signal feature analysis and inference
The course consists of lectures and small group exercises given by national and international experts. In addition students will make a project plan in small teams during which they practice working in an interdisciplinary setting. This course is applicable to undergraduate and post-graduate students with biomedical or computational background.

Study material:   Material distributed during the course.
Teaching methods and assessment:  Lectures and exercises/problem-based tasks, independent work
Evaluation:  Pass/Fail.
5 ects: Evaluation is based on an oral presentation+written project summary
2 ects: Evaluation is based on a learning diary and attending the first week program
Teachers/course directors: Merja Heinäniemi, Ville Hautamäki

More information and how to apply: