Summer school 2018 – Computational Biomedicine

This was the 4th time NordBioMedNet held a summer school, with kind support from Nordplus. This year theme was Computational Biomedicine and invited lecturers represented academia and industry. The program can be found here:

As usual an enthusiastic group of students worked hard during the week. We had a very multinational/multicultural student group covering all continents except Oceania. Furthermore, educational background of students spanned biomedicine, toxicology, molecular sciences in life sciences and computational biomedicine. Time was also scheduled for social activities – e.g. guided tour with information about the history and nature of the island Seili. Also, as usual, we had evening activities with sauna, barbeque and dinner.

The course organizers would like to thank invited teachers – and participating students for your positive attitude and serious, hard work with assignments and project. We wish you all the best with your future careers.